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Top-Rated Online Product Shipping Procedure

The way our online product shipping procedure in Dallas, TX, works can be broken down into several steps. We have a company WhatsApp number where you can send us the information and receipt for the item you've chosen to ensure the smoothest delivery possible. Here is our procedure:

1. You buy your items from your favorite stores
2. Input our physical address for shipping.
3. Send your receipt (a picture will do) and online order information (color, item, etc.) to our WhatsApp number.
4. Send us your address, so we know where to ship the item after we've received it.
5. We will charge 15% for the service fee, plus shipping.

If you would like us to make a direct purchase on your behalf, we will give you a 2% discount. Any purchases that are $100 or less have a flat rate of $20 for shipping.

Our address is:
12989 Jupiter Road
Suite #105
Dallas, TX